Start Selling On
Etsy Again
Even if you got Etsy Account Suspension
I never knew that this service was going to help me start selling again on Etsy - im so happy to be in again.
-Tessa C, New York

Etsy Account suspension is a popular story these days, hitting various news outlets and social media platforms. Shop owners complaining about how they’ve been unfairly suspended. Well, many have been truly suspended harshly but in truth some have lost their shops justly too. It is just an unfortunate situation that is happening day by day. 


Do you think you are exempted? Well, the breaking news is that it can happen to anyone anytime. Regardless of the capacity of your Etsy account, whether you make $5 dollars a month or you make $15,000 a month. No one is exempt from experiencing an Etsy Account Suspension. All it takes is one person to flag your Etsy Account. The most obvious reason to get an Etsy Account suspended is not paying your dues, and selling products that are prohibited. But there are other not so obvious reasons that can result in Etsy Account Suspension, like listing items not appearing to be handmade, having multiple accounts or drop shipping. In your zealous attempt to widen and improve your Account, it is possible you have violated some of Etsy’s terms of agreement and this might result in Etsy Account Suspension. 

Reinstatement – What To Do If It Happens To You

Have you been sent packing on etsy? Well, you’ve just found a solution to your etsy account suspension. Preflight King has a sole responsibility and that is to get suspended sellers back in business on etsy. So if you’ve been suspended on etsy but you still desire to have an account again, you need not look too far because Preflight King is indeed your go-to guy for your reinstatement services. Are you suspended? There is just one thing you need to do to get reinstated and that is to reach out to Preflight King. It is that simple and easy! See below what some of our clients have to say:

Paul Hushley

My name is Paul hushley and I am a big beneficiary of the Preflight King service. In 2016, I heard a story about Etsy Account Suspension but it felt like a fairytale to me at the time until I became a victim of this dreadful occurrence in 2018. I had lost my shop after years of working, building, and improving my account because of a breach in one of Etsy’s policies. It was just an E-mail I got and that was how I lost access to my account. I was devastated and confused for weeks because I just couldn’t imagine myself starting over again. All my listings, products, customers, investment gone! Thanks to Preflight King service, I now have an account again. I don’t know how they did it but it was indeed a miracle and I am grateful.”

Elizabeth Gate

My name is Elizabeth Gate
On this day last year, Etsy decided it was time to close my shop. Although, in fairness to them I knew it was coming but I was just adamant at the time because I thought it was a bluff. Finally my shop was closed and it was over but Preflight King helped me back into etsy and I am happy now. Preflight King is the reason I can now sell on etsy because they helped with the reinstatement of my account”
Many users have benefitted from Preflight King services and you just have to join this moving train today so as to get back in business. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been suspended temporarily or permanently, we are surely well-equipped to get you back in.
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